1What fertiliser can you supply?
We have the majority of fertilisers on hand at our depot in Camperdown including Superphosphate, Potash, MAP, DAP, Sulphate of Ammonia, Lime and Gypsum. Any other fertiliser can easily be sourced upon request.
2Do you supply Green Urea?
Yes, we can coat urea with Agrotain on site to be used in straight urea applications or blends with urea included.
3Do you supply and spread cricket bait?
Yes, we can supply and spread cricket bait as well as slug bait. Give us a ring to discuss suitability of mixing with fertiliser or picking up from our depot if you prefer to spread the bait yourself.
4Can I bring my own spreader / bulka bags in to be filled with fertiliser?
Yes, we can load your own spreader or multi-trip bulka bag (must be in good condition). All products are weighed out over our certified public weighbridge.


1How much water can you cart and where does it come from?
We cart 18,000 litres of potable (drinking) mains-supplied water. Our water tankers are registered food transport vehicles.
2How much notice is needed for a water delivery and how can I pay?
We can usually deliver within 24 hours. Payment can be made on delivery, by credit card over the phone or via EFT.
3What access do you need to my water tank?
Vehicle access needs to be approximately within 40 metres. Please ring if you have any specific access requirements.

Garden Supplies

1Is there a minimum quantity of garden supplies that I can purchase?
No, you can purchase any amount of product that you require.
2Do you deliver?
Yes, we can deliver anywhere in the area, depending on accessibility, from 1 metre in our garden supplies delivery truck to 60 metres per load.
3If you don’t have what I want, can you get it in for me?
Yes, we can usually get whatever you require however sometimes payment may need to be made prior to delivery.


1Is your weighbridge available to the public?
Yes, for a small charge, you can use our certified public weighbridge to weigh your truck/caravan/trailer, etc. Our hours of operation are Mon-Fri 7.30am – 5.30pm and Sat 8.00am – 12.00pm.