Bonner Transport's Fertiliser Spreading Service has been supplying fertiliser spreading services to the Corangamite area for the past 50 years.

From soil sampling and analysis to a professional spreading service of fertiliser, lime, gypsum, composts and manures, Bonner Transport offers a one-stop solution for agricultural fertilisation services.

Spreaders: All our spreaders are Fert Care accredited and utilise GPS for accuracy.
Soil Sampling: We can provide on-farm soil sampling and agronomic advice.
Bulk Bins: Our bins can hold up to 12 tonnes of fertiliser.
Bulk Bags & 25kg Bags: All fertilisers are available in bags at our depot.
Fertiliser Storage & Blending: We have most fertilisers available on site at our Camperdown depot. They can be blended to any formulation.

Bonner Transport Fertiliser Services in Camperdown